How to Remove Your Tattoo

Picosure tattoo removal by All About You Medical Spa in Fairfield

Get Complete Tattoo Removal with PicoSure

Forget about trying to use home remedies to lose your unwanted tattoo. PicoSure is the only 755nm / 532 nm laser for aesthetic skin treatments and tattoo removal of all colors. This state of the art tattoo removal laser offers both faster and more complete results as it is clinically proven to curtail all tattoo colors.

PicoSure laser tattoo removal uses a series of laser treatments in extreme short pulses of highly focused light energy are directed at the tattoo. The combination of light and energy shatters the ink into tiny fragments and then your body’s immune system removes these shattered particles allowing the tattoo to fade and disappear.

The number of treatments you will need depends on the size of the tattoo, the ink color and the depth of the tattoo. However, since PicoSure uses advanced laser technology your tattoo removal will still take less sessions overall in order to achieve your desired results. Even dark blue and green inks, which are typically the most difficult to remove, can be effectively treated using PicoSure tattoo removal .

If you have additional questions about tattoo removal with PicoSure give us a call today to schedule your complimentary 15 minute consultation with Dr. Gould.

Results may vary.