Hair Growth Treatment in Fairfield

Effective Hair Loss Therapy for Men & Women

Hair Regrowth Treatment by All About You Medical Spa in Fairfield

Up until now, there were only two clinically proven non-surgical ways to rejuvenate lost hair – Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Finasteride (Propecia). Now you can treat hair loss without chemicals or induced medical treatments with our laser hair therapy treatment. We can help you effectively reverse hair loss with our non-invasive hair growth treatment. Dr. Gould is the only doctor certified to treat hair loss using Sunetics in Fairfield.

Hair Loss Treatments

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Our laser hair loss therapy can help:

  • Reduce the speed of your hair loss or thinning
  • Immediately improve the appearance of your hair
  • Increase the thickness of your hair
  • Fill in a bald or thinning area of hair without expensive or painful surgery
  • Add fullness and/or length
  • Decrease your emotional stress and frustration by treating your hair loss

How Do We Treat Hair Loss?

hair growth clinic of ct

At All About You Medical Spa, we treat hair loss using Sunetics Laser Hair Therapy which treats hair loss and grows hair using the power of laser light. This type of laser hair therapy is the first clinical laser cleared to grow and treat hair loss in both men and women by attacking the hair loss at a cellular level using bio-stimulation to energize weakened follicles.

How Does Laser Hair Therapy Work?

The laser energy is absorbed by the hair follicles and then begins to cause the follicle to heal itself. Since hair loss is a byproduct of dying hair follicles, hair regrowth is a byproduct of healing hair follicles. Our laser hair therapy treatment:

  • Improves blow flow and circulation to your hair follicles
  • Increases nutrients to the hair follicle
  • Increases the removal of DHT
  • Increases oxygen to your hair follicle
  • Decreases damaging inflammation
  • Increases cellular stimulation of the hair follicle
  • Increases production of ATP to energize and repair weakened follicles

Laser Hair Loss Treatment Patient Testimonial

Leo Rodriguez Results Testimony- Sunetics from Sunetics International on Vimeo.

How Long Does It Take to Treat Hair Loss?

The number of sessions and treatment time depends upon the severity of your hair loss. Typically, our patients treat and regrow their hair as follows:

  • Twice a week for the first 12 weeks
  • Once a week for the next 12 weeks
  • Once every other week for the last 6 months

Please note that this treatment plan may vary based on your individual needs.

How Long Are Treatments?

Treatment sessions typically are about 20 minutes long.

These before and after photos are mid-cycle in the treatment process and already showing results.

Hair Growth treatment results : Before & After in Fairfield, CT Hair growth before and after treatment results in Fairfield, CT

Hair loss treatment results: Before & After in Fairfield, CT Hair Treatment Results: Before & After in Fairfield, CT

Does Laser Hair Loss Therapy Stop My Hair From Falling Out? Dr. Christine Gould - Sunetics Laser Hair Therapy

Based on data from the physicians that use Sunetics Laser Hair Therapy, about 99% of their patients report that excessive hair loss ceases around 4-6 weeks into the treatment meaning that the extra hair you have been noticing on your pillow, in your brush, in the shower, in your hands, and on the floor has greatly decreased or even stopped*.

Will I Get All My Hair Back with this Treatment?

While we can not absolutely guarantee that your hair will return to the exact fullness as it was prior to your hair loss, thousands of people have been satisfied with their results from our laser hair therapy treatment. Our patients usually go through 3 stages when using Sunetics Laser Hair Therapy:

  • Stage 1: the hair stops falling out (excessive hair loss ceases)
  • Stage 2: the current hair becomes thicker, fuller, healthier and shinier
  • Stage 3: noticeable hair regrowth

The speed at which you go through these 3 stages depends upon the severity of your hair loss and your hair follicles’ reaction to the laser energy*.

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*Results may vary.

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