Profound RF Microneedling in Fairfield, CT

The Secret to Looking Younger without a Facelift

Regain Your Confident, Radiant Look with Profound

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Do you want to dramatically improve your aging skin to look years younger without getting a facelift?

Skin laxity is THE biggest issue when it comes to aging, there’s no way around it.


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As we age, our skin begins to loosen over time due to our body halting the production of collagen and elastin. Often, invasive surgical procedures are used to complete a facelift, but these operations can be costly and time consuming. Fortunately, there is now a better solution and it all starts at All About You Medical Spa.

Profound is a revolutionary new energy-based facial treatment designed to create new elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid – the building blocks that keep your skin smooth and elastic. Profound is a clinically-proven treatment that builds elastin and collagen – up to 5 times the elastin*.

Dr. Christine Gould has helped develop a proprietary treatment protocol for Profound procedures that has unparalleled success. The results speak for themselves and Dr. Gould and her entire staff are confident that you will love the way your skin looks with our Profound treatments.

Call us today to get more information about Profound skin tightening treatments or to schedule a consultation at our Fairfield office. We look forward to helping you regain your youthful glow and appearance with Profound!

What Signs of Aging can be Treated with Profound?

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Any part of the body may be treated with Profound but the face and neck are the most popular areas for treatment.


Ideal Candidates for Profound

RF microneedling may be an excellent option if you want to:

  • Firm your skin, creating a more refreshed look
  • Enhance skin feel, pigment, and tone
  • Repair skin imperfections like discoloration and blood vessels
  • Reduce the appearance of sun damage and age spots
  • Treat acne scars and other forms of discoloration
  • Rejuvenate skin for a younger, more luminous look
  • Reduce cellulite

Profound Skin Tightening

What Sets Us Apart

  • All Procedures Done by Experienced, Personable Physician
  • Private, Personalized Services
  • State of the Art Services
  • Latest Treatments / Technology
  • Relaxing Atmosphere
  • Upscale Service & Treatment
  • Long Term Planning Based on Individual Needs
  • Convenient Location Near Metro North
  • Product Discounts for Existing Patients
  • Flexible Appointment Times
  • Pro-Nox Nitrous Oxide Available for Nervous & Anxious Patients