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Improving Patient Outcomes with AccuVein®

Accuvein Viewing Device at All About You Medical Spa in Fairfield, CT
Only millimeters below your facial skin lies an incredibly intricate and delicate network of veins. When getting treatments like Botox or dermal fillers limited bruising has generally been considered an inevitable side effect of injectable treatments simply because your facial veins are so delicate and difficult to avoid. Bruising can be embarrassing and often difficult to conceal. They are a result of the vein being disrupted under the skin during treatment.

At All About You Medical Spa, we’re taking steps to reduce issues like bruising during cosmetic treatments with AccuVein’s “Vein Visualization” technology.

Benefits of AccuVein

  • Patient outcomes improved because Dr. Gould can locate and avoid facial veins
  • Minimize bruising following treatments
  • Reduce healing time by optimizing site selection
  • Improve satisfaction of your results

With AccuVein, Dr. Gould can locate otherwise undetectable veins and map them out to make sure they are avoided during treatment. Most practitioners perform injections blindly knowing the typical areas where veins cluster and avoiding them. But every person has a unique distribution of veins which can make it difficult to have consistency in avoiding veins.  The accuracy in vein avoidance is paramount in achieving little to no bruising, but it is common that injectors accidentally inject too close to blood vessels. The consequence is that bruising after Botox, other neurotoxins, and dermal fillers is a common side effect. This shouldn’t be the case.

What is AccuVein and How Does It Work?

The Accuvein AV400 Vein Viewing system uses a technique known as “vein visualization” or “vein mapping” to show us where the veins are under a patient’s skin so that they can be avoided completely.

The Accuvein technology uses two lasers, the same supersafe type used for barcode scanners, one infrared and one visible red light.  AccuVein’s vein visualization technology works by allowing the hemoglobin to absorb infrared light, illuminating the blood vessels from the rest of the surrounding area. When the AccuVein is held above the skin; it allows clear visibility of veins of different sizes, regardless of the individual’s skin tone.

Is This Only Useful for Certain Skin Types?

This device is useful on all skin types but we have found that it can be especially useful in darker skin types where veins are more difficult to identify.


We want you to love your injectable, as soon as possible after receiving it. We don’t want to hear that patients are concerned their investment in aesthetics created more problems than it solves which is why we invested in AccuVein. Now you can get better results and feel more comfortable during your treatment.

How Does AccuVein Make Injectable Treatments Safer?

There are many popular injectable treatments. They have gained popularity due to their noninvasive applications that do not require incisions. For example, Botox injections are incredibly popular for blocking signals between your muscles and your nerves. This then prevents the muscle from contracting and causing lines and cracks. While Botox is FDA-approved and safe, it still works by causing temporary paralysis via a neurotoxin injectable.

One of the main concerns of Botox is the migration of the neurotoxin that can have adverse effects, such as drooping eyelids, problems speaking, and issues with smiling.

AccuVein is incredibly accurate in locating veins. It practically eliminates the risk of injectable migration.

How Does AccuVein Work?

This new technology works by exposing the hemoglobin in blood to a safe, infrared laser. This allows the technician to get a better look at the veins. The hemoglobin in the blood absorbs the infrared laser light, making them stand out from the tissue. With the added visibility, veins are easily located with precision. Even the smallest vasculatures can be easily spotted.

Are There Any Side Effects of AccuVein on Skin

No. AccuVein works to eliminate the side effects of other injectables. Exposing the skin to infrared laser light is safe in this setting.

What are Other Procedures Where AccuVein is Used?

There are many applications and procedures where AccuVein can be beneficial. They include:

  • IV starts
  • Blood drawing
  • Sclerotherapy
  • General and cosmetic surgery

Other Features of AccuVein

There are plenty of vein illumination features with AccuVein. They include:

  • Small, hand-held design
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate even in the smallest veins
  • Works in light or dark situations
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Different viewing modes to enhance smaller veins
  • Movement tolerant when patients move

*Individual results will vary. We cannot guarantee that zero bruising will follow an injection using AccuVein.

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