A Shot that Can Guarantee Orgasms?

Is it possible that a shot can help you achieve orgasm?

According to Dr. Runels, the man behind the famous vampire facelift partially made famous when it was shown on reality TV by the Kardashians, the O-Shot is all about putting sexual power back in women’s hands.

From the New York Post article There’s a Shot that Can Guarantee You Orgasms , h e claims to have saved marriages and describes one of his earliest cases: “She was weeks away from having her divorce finalised. She found sex very painful ever since delivering a very large baby. I injected her and within three weeks the tissue had rejuvenated to a point where she could comfortably have sex again. And now she’s back with her husband.”

Dr. Charles Runels, the Alabama-based surgeon behind the Dracula Facial, discovered the O-Shot on Valentine’s Day 2011, when his girlfriend – who was a big fan of the facial – asked him to inject her vagina. “She really loved what the facial had done for her face, and I’d also been injecting her breasts. The stretch marks there were completely gone,” says the author of “Anytime… For as Long as You Want: Strength, Genius, Libido & Erection by Integrative Sex Transmutation.”

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